Are you a victim of the “Watch Bug Syndrom”?

Just like most viruses, one can be infected and not even be aware of the infection. In the case of watch collecting, we would tend to consider it as a fun, enriching bug to catch. Do you have it? Here’s a ten-question survey that should help you find out!

Absolutely, let's have some fun diagnosing the "Watch Bug Virus" with this witty quiz. Here are 10 questions with three choices of answer for each:

1. When someone asks you for the time, how do you respond?

A) Politely tell them the time.
B) Show off your wrist and start a monologue about your watch's history.
C) Casually check your wrist and accidentally mention the Swiss Alps. 2. How do you feel about watch-related puns?

A) They're mildly amusing.
B) They're hilarious, and you've made up a few yourself.
C) They're your preferred form of communication; you speak only in watch puns.

3. What's your go-to accessory?

A) A classic tie or necklace.
B) A collection of watches, each matching a specific outfit. C) A watch so rare it's practically a unicorn.

4. What's your favorite watch complication?

A) Date display.
B) Moon phase.
C) Tourbillon, because "Why not have a spinning cage to make my watch more extra?"

5. How often do you find yourself browsing watch forums/Instagram page?

A) Occasionally, to learn something new.
B) Daily, to engage in heated debates about watch straps. C) Is there any other way to browse the internet?

6. How do you choose a restaurant?

A) Based on cuisine and ambiance.
B) Based on whether they have a dress code (to show off your watch). C) Based on whether the menu mentions "Swiss" or "timing."

7. What's your stance on limited-edition releases?

A) They're nice, but not a big deal.
B) You camp out in front of the store weeks in advance.
C) You've considered getting a limited-edition watch tattooed on your forearm.

8. How many watches do you own?

A) Less than 5.
B) Between 5 and 10.
C) You've lost count, but you know your watches better than your family's birthdays.

9. What's your reaction when someone asks about the cost of your watch?

A) Politely mention the price.
B) Pretend you didn't hear and change the subject to horological history. C) Quote an outrageous sum and watch their jaw drop.

10. When you see a clock, what's your immediate thought?

A) "What time is it?"
B) "How does this compare to my collection?"
C) "I should buy a ladder to climb up and inspect it closer."

Tally up your answers and see if you've caught the "Watch Bug Virus":

Mostly A's: You're in the clear (for now). Your watch game is strong but not obsessive.
Mostly B's: You're showing early symptoms. The watch collector syndrome is starting to tick in.
Mostly C's: Congratulations, you've got a full-blown case of the "Watch Bug Virus." You're a horological legend in the making!