Magana’s Tribute to Fes

Our inaugural timepiece is meant to perfectly fit the wishes of countless watch lovers and collectors around the world. Indeed, watch collecting can be a serious addiction with profound effect on one’s bank accounts, yet it does not need to be so. Whether you are a newcomer to the world of watches, or a bona fide collector, it is always a good idea to have in your collection a mechanical timepiece that can offer – at a competitive price point – a very well built and beautifully finished watch that remains rare and unusual. Without necessarily going into crazy designs, the intent behind our inaugural timepiece was to provide our clients with an easy-to-wear watch, with a recognizable look, that offers a useful mechanical complication.

As a brand, Magana wishes to promote universal values that can bring humanity together, a much-needed approach in our polarized world today. The values of Culture, Togetherness and Mindfulness are at the heart of the brand, and our inaugural collection that pays tribute to Thousand-Year-Old cities is meant to help people appreciate different cultures from around the world, never at the expense of any others.

The “Tribute to Fes” was originally launched as a pre-order watch back in April of this year, and after a six-month period during which we worked tirelessly on so many details, we are very happy to have finally started delivering our first customers. So far, the response has been amazingly positive and humbling. We are particularly grateful to these first customers who placed their trust in us so early.

Limited to 212 pieces, the “Tribute to Fes” is delivered in an original packaging where a “thank you for your support” gift was included in the form of an elegant watch travel pouch. Moreover, as we have announced from our inception, it is our plan to finance – through “trees for the future – the planting of 212 Trees in Sub-Saharan Africa for every single timepiece sold. This Non-Governmental-Organization is behind the 1 billion tree Green Belt of Africa project that is now nearing over 300 million trees planted.